Interesting London Tech Shows and Events to Attend in 2022

Many people visit London to experience the city’s spirit, check on the attractions, discover cosy corners, or even get to know the Royal family properties better. But, London is a place to host plenty of tech shows and events every year.

It’s a great choice if you are a technology enthusiast who wants to travel. Using a luxury airport transfer once you arrive is even better, and you feel royalty yourself. London is an amazing city to visit throughout the whole year, no matter the purpose.

For tech lovers, we have a few events to attend later this year. So, it would be nice if you start planning now, so you can book the hotel, flight, or even a luxury car airport transfer, together with event tickets, if needed.

Here are some of them:

1. TECHSPO London 2022

This event is scheduled for September 1st and 2nd later this year, in the Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel. Knowing this, you can be pretty practical when booking your flight, so you can be close to the terminal and save on expenses for executive airport transfers London solutions. You can still use these services later to get to know the surroundings better.

When it comes to TECHSPO, you can get to know technologies and innovations better. There will be many developers, tech brands, innovators, talent acquisition programs, and educational events.

You can get a great chance to embrace new technologies for your business and even collaborate with some of the exhibitors on further projects.

2. FinTech Live 2022

Many FinTech experts worldwide will come to London in November to attend this great event. It’s focused on using innovative tech solutions in banking and payments, including the popular cryptocurrencies.

Visitors can attend Q&A sessions and learn a lot about embracing the finance methods of the future. For those who can’t come to the event, there will be a live broadcast.

3. London Tech Job Fair 2022

If you are in London on 29th September this year, you can consider paying a visit to the Tech Job Fair. TechMeetups organize it to help many tech professionals, developers, programmers and even students and graduates to connect with relevant companies.

HR recruiters and talent acquisition experts will represent the companies and eventually find potential employees and collaborators.

So, if you are a computer scientist or still studying information technologies, this job fair can be a great starting point for your career.

4. IoT Tech Expo Global 2022

This is an entirely free event that will be held in London Olympia in Kensington. If you are in a hurry but still want to get most of your visit, make sure you take a look over the luxury car transfers to take you from the airport on 1st December and get you back there the next day in the evening.

IoT Tech Expo Global will bring together all the relevant industries in London on 1st and 2nd December this year.

There will be more than 6,000 attendees, so the hosts, TechEx, suggest booking your free ticket on time due to the eventual COVID-19 measures. You can explore many interesting things and find out how IoT affects retail, finance, healthcare, real estate, and many other industries.

5. Content Creator & Influencer Tech Live

Olympia London will open the doors for content creators and social media influencers who want to talk about their experiences. 

This year’s focus is on video and visual content, live streaming, podcasts, audio records, and a lot more. Exhibitors and speakers will share valuable tips and insights, and talk about their experience as creators living in modern times.

So, mark 5th and 6th October for this great event, and learn how technology is used in creating unique social media content.

Final Words

London has a lot of tech events to offer if you are a professional IT expert, scientist, social media personality, or enthusiast. Tech events and shows are great for those who want to make their trip useful, build connections, and get together with the biggest tech companies in the world.

Make sure you arrive a few days before the event. Visit London’s most beautiful landmarks, or discover some hidden corners. It’s a very beautiful city not to do that, even if you’ve visited it a hundred times already.