Dentistry In China – A Cutting Future Industry

Are you looking to sell something in China? What is it that all Chinese people need, and as they enter the middle class they will need more of? You might say smart phones, automobiles, food, and personal tech items. Yes, they will need all of those, but those industries are already well suited for delivering the goods. One sector in China which is ready to explode, and needs developing would be dentistry. Let’s go ahead and talk about this for a moment if we might, and consider some futuristic materials which will soon hit the scene.

I would like to bring to your attention two potential exploits in this regard, namely;

1. Carbon Nanotube Tooth Replacement
2. Graphene Coatings and Veneers

Interestingly enough, the Chinese people who have historically lived off of fish and rice are now eating a large number of different food items. In fact in many regards we have exported diabetes to China, and there are now over a 150 million Chinese who are diabetic, or have onset diabetes to the point where it is inevitable. This is due to the change in food, and eating habits. All of that process food with sugars, and new types of flavors take their toll on the human body, and human teeth.

As people live longer, and they may not live longer due to all the pollution in China, but let’s say China does get that taken care of in the next 20 years – in that case there is no way their teeth will last their full lifetime. With over 1.3 billion Chinese and multiply that times the average number of teeth that humans have, you can understand that there is a large fortune in these small bone-like structures in the mouths of all the Chinese.

In the future replacement teeth will not be made out of the same types of material they’re made out of today. They will be a lot harder and stronger, and they will be made out of carbon nanotubes. These teeth may generate energy to clean and kill any bacteria formation on their surface. In fact they will last for many lifetimes, and well past the life of the individual. Graphene coatings and veneers will also be a thing of the future, perhaps protecting the teeth which are already in place. Somewhat like a super an enamel coating that can never wear off.

If you are doing any sort of research and development in the area of dentistry, you should look into this, because you have an incredible population and potential market ahead of you. Please consider all this and think on it.

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