'House of the Dragon:' Laenor Velaryon's Surprising Twist, Explained

‘House of the Dragon:’ Laenor Velaryon’s Surprising Twist, Explained

Circumstances were searching pretty grim for Laenor Velaryon about 99% by means of episode 7 of Home of the Dragon. But in a shock twist, the husband of Rhaenyra Targaryen took a a lot more fortunate route. The correct methods to this stage were not totally distinct, although in hindsight they had been foreshadowed in many alternative discussions beforehand.

Let’s talk about the correct facts of what transpired in the spoiler-packed segment beneath.

Warning: Spoilers in advance.

Was the strategy all together for Laenor to escape?

Initially, many indicators pointed to Daemon really wanting to have Laenor killed.

In their discussion at Driftmark’s port, Daemon and Rhaenyra agree that, in purchase to be wed to each and every other, Laenor has to be out of the photo. “We could not marry except Laenor have been useless,” suggests Daemon, to which Rhaenyra responds, “I know.” It appeared as although Rhaenyra was keen to betray Laenor, despite Laenor stating he would completely commit to her, what with his lover Ser Qarl returning to the battling in the Stepstones.

Before Rhaenyra suggests just about anything else, we slice away to Daemon evidently generating strategies with Ser Qarl, a “knight of amazing talent,” to murder Laenor. Although Ser Qarl claims Ser Laenor has been “form” to him, it is not 100% apparent that Qarl is faithful to Laenor. Daemon appears to be flirty with Qarl, stepping right into his personal area. Qarl may well just betray Laenor in trade for more than enough gold to get started a new life across the Narrow Sea.

When Daemon kills a servant of a equivalent visual appeal to Laenor, it isn’t right away obvious for what reasons. This is all while we listen to his clarification at the port to Rhaenyra that, to be certainly powerful, she ought to rule by cultivating fear in her topics. 

Cut to Ser Qarl fighting Laenor since he generally “seemed down” on him. Only afterwards do we explore this is all misdirection. The dead servant is dressed up to glimpse like Laenor, his facial area charred in the fire so that he is mistaken for Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen’s son. Meanwhile, Qarl and Laenor escape throughout the Slender Sea, where they can stay (ideally) in peace.

Did Daemon and Rhaenyra intend to save Laenor?

In the close, it’s unveiled that Daemon and Rhaenyra had genuinely arranged for Laenor to endure (this is verified by co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik in HBO’s episode 7 driving-the-scenes featurette).

“Fireplace is a jail. The sea presents an escape,” Rhaenyra says in the similar port discussion. “The Velaryons are of the sea.”

These statements seem to foreshadow her wish to free Laenor from his duties to his relatives — responsibilities which don’t allow for him to live his true everyday living as a gay gentleman. Rhaenyra states she thinks Laenor to be an “honorable man with a excellent heart … a rare issue.” She supports his accurate identity and appears to want the most effective for him. 

By faking his death, she frees him to be with Ser Qarl, away from the shackles of King’s Landing. Meanwhile, she companies up her declare to the Iron Throne by marrying her uncle Daemon — trying to keep ties solid inside the Targaryen family.

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