Modern Farming Equipment For Sale That Every Farm Must Have

Because of the nature of farming which requires intensive labour and time expended, many manual farming processes were mechanized to help save time and energy. Over the years more and more processes were automated to help ease hard labour and to lighten the work load of farmers. This is where farming or agricultural equipment comes in. There are different types of agricultural machinery that may be found in the market today. Some categories of the machinery are the following:

Cultivation and Seeding Machines:

These are machines that help prepare the soil for planting such as ploughs and hoes, aerators and cultivators. Ploughs loosen the soil and turn it to prepare the land for planting. Cultivators cut in to the soil lines or grooves where seeds are planted. Machines such as row planters and seed drills are also classified under this. A row planter helps the farmer plant seeds several rows at a time while the seed drill plants seeds and covers the seeds with soil.


Machines that help farmers fertilize the plants are called spreaders. When liquids such as pesticides and other chemicals are used on plants, the machines used are known as sprayers. These types of equipment help disperse or spread the fertilizers and/or chemicals quickly over a large area of land.


When the crops are ready to be harvested, machines known as harvesters are utilized. Combines for example harvest grain, pick and clean the crop and even separates the wheat. Other types of harvesters include the bean harvester, potato harvester, maize harvester and many more.


The tractor is the most important equipment in a farm as it helps haul all other farm machines including trailers. It is available in many different sizes to cater to the needs of the farm.

Many different kinds of machineries are now available with some of the machines having very specific uses. Hay balers help gather cut grass and tie them together into neat bales. There are also loaders that help move harvested crops from one place to another.

The machines may also be categorized as self-propelled machinery and/or implements. All of these machines help the farmers in every step in the production of food whether through plants or animals. Each machine has a particular purpose and capacities vary depending on the particular needs of a farmer and on the size and capacity of the farm. Without these types of machines, it would be impossible for farms to produce the quantity of food needed by today’s population.

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