The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Cheap VPS

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Seeking a virtual space that would combine a pro-level service and affordable pricing? The good news – it’s mission possible. Still, it’s pretty hard to choose among many tempting offers. In the end, how would you know the promises are realistic? Time4VPS, highly experienced hosts, share their insights and reveal the 3 most common mistakes when choosing a cheap and professional plan.

1. Making a Price the Main Criteria

While talking about the pricing, experts are honest – you shouldn’t make pricing the main criteria. Rather than going for the lowest price, seek the best package. The truth is that today VPS cheap or expensive can have the highest quality, close to the physical server characteristics.

 Depending upon your business, such a package should contain:

  • Enterprise-class hardware
  • Maximum security
  • Fully customizable virtual environment
  • Resources on demand
  • Access to useful add-ons
  • Community
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible pricing

Now, how can you get a 99,98% uptime warranty that goes with an affordable price? Time4VPS reveals their secret of working out a perfect combination. 

Besides investing in quality equipment and customer-oriented brand, they manage their own data centre. Meaning, the low price comes from bypassing the third-party fees, not some of the resources.  

2. Overlooking the Hidden Conditions

Another mistake mentioned by market professionals is skipping the in-depth service analysis. To avoid the so-called hidden conditions, read all the additional info, customer reviews and simply ask questions. Obviously, cheap offers and discounts are great. Just don’t forget to check if promised pricing and flexibility don’t vanish once you upgrade your plan.

3. Underestimating Extra Perks

Finally, appreciate the extra perks offered. Concentrating only on pricing makes it hard to estimate the added value of community, highly rated support, access to free licenses, and other helpful add-ons. Not only are they practical, but they are a vital criteria to accelerate growth. And yes, it might be a few pounds extra.

Ready to craft your perfect private virtual environment? Seek the complete hosting package, the one that grows with your business.