What Are the Key Benefits of Choosing AngularJS for Web App Development?

AngularJS, based on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture, is a Google’s open source framework to help developers while coding and testing the code. AngularJs combines HTML codes and application modules establishing a framework. MVC Architecture is usually made use for planning and developing rich web applications. Let’s quickly discuss the benefits of selecting Angular JS for Web App Development:

Simple Architecture:

AngularJS development is one of the simplest design architectures for managing heavy applications comprising several components and complex requirements.

Improved Design Architecture:

Some large applications have a bulk of components numbering more than 60. Even a newly joined programmer can work midstream and develop the code without any trouble.

Declarative User Interface:

As Angular JS uses HTML to define apps UI, developing apps becomes much simpler. When you’re using an interface developed in JS, then HTML code strengthens that interface.

Lesser timeline:

AngularJS shortens the application coding time. With the addition of a few attributes to the HTML code, you can build a simple app fast and easy.

Lesser code and enhanced development efficiency:

It requires lesser code; therefore, developers can think on increasing the efficiency of the application rather than writing just codes.

Code Reusability:

Developer can reuse the same chunk of code written previously. This saves considerable time and this makes Angular JS one of the best frameworks for the coders.

Dependency Injection:

This comes as a salient feature of Angular JS it works seamlessly with the development and testing of Single Page Application or SPA design.

Two-Way Data Binding:

Considered one of the most outstanding feature of the AngularJS technology, this feature helps the developer build application easily.

Enhanced server performance:

It brings down the burden from server CPUs. It can reduce the overall traffic because it only delivers static files and responds to the API calls.

Convenient Testing:

Angular JS comes with excellent testing compatibilities and makes both unit as well as endtoend testing flexible and easy at any stage of development.

Parallel Development:

Angular Js is excellent at handling dependency combined with the MVC architecture and helps developers build apps in a parallel way.

MVVC software design pattern:

Model-View-View -Model Architecture, backed by the AngularJs, is one of the most innovate web development processes. Thus, Angular JS developers are offered with seamless web app development framework that can make life easy for them while coding, testing and post-deployment.

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