When Cable and DSL Fail, Satellite Internet Service May Be Your Only Option

Satellite Internet service as its name suggests is an Internet access which is obtained by means of satellite dish. The advantage is that, no matter where you are in the world, you can pick up satellite service by installing a satellite dish. So, no matter how rural or remote the location, Internet access is possible. TV stations use satellite Internet service on their mobile vans. Satellite service is a provider around the world by means of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

If you have the availability of geostationary satellites, this provides higher speed service. However, this satellite Internet service is not available in all areas. Some polar regions do not have this option. The quality of the satellite service greatly depends on the type of satellite system. These vary greatly in features and technical capabilities.

DSL services on the other hand, cannot be used in remote areas where land line telephone service is not available. DSL has many pluses for businesses because it does not require dial-up to connect to the Internet. It is always connected. DSL – if it is available-is most convenient in the following situations:

· A small business office use

· At-home business office

· Family Internet use

· Remote Internet access for corporations and larger business

· Businesses or corporations with large offices and networked computers.

Where there is only one computer to connect to Internet, DSL is an economical option. DSL provides fast Internet service but this service may fluctuate during peak business hours. If you have a networking set up in your home or office you may want to consider an enhanced DSL service. In some cases, cost becomes a factor.

If your business is considering DSL service you need to be sure you can upgrade as your business grows and that the DSL service you select provides fast, reliable service. Investigate whether the DSL provider you are considering has ADSL and/or IDSL service options.

Cable Internet service as the name suggests connects your computer to Internet service by means of a telephone or TV cable service. It provides fast Internet service but it is not cheap. As opposed to dial-up, cable Internet is always on. The speed of the cable service depends on the latency and bandwidth of the cable Internet host service. Bandwidth refers to the width of the “Internet highway” down which your data is travelling. As with a highway, the wider the bandwidth the more lanes on which your data can travel.

Whether you are using DSL, cable or satellite, latency and bandwidth are important. If you download music, movies or large files often, you need a service with a wide bandwidth.

Latency is the speed at which your information can travel to or from your computer. The lower the latency, the faster data can reach your computer.

Satellite Internet services are most often utilized where DSL, cable and even dial-up are not options such as: remote areas, and rural locations. It is also a great option if your location moves frequently such as a mining operation or a portable service. Some type of satellite service is available anywhere in the world. Learn more about satellite Internet.

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