Why SMBs should make a digital-first strategy around SEO

Small business SEO: Your questions answered

At every stage of an SMB’s business cycle, there will come a time when budgets are limited regarding spending on marketing. This could be a seasonal change or the after effects of competition in the industry. And that is natural. 

However, one needs to understand that some critical aspects of a business’ marketing need to be ongoing to acquire new customers and help customers find information and products so that they can make transactions easily. 

With that being said, a conventional approach toward digital marketing with only social media and Google ads won’t help any business to the extent an SEO-based strategy would. An SEO-first strategy helps an SMB by leaps and bounds. In this article write up we will lay emphasis on those aspects to help you understand why SMBs should make a digital-first strategy around SEO. So, without further delay, here goes. 

1. Measurable SEO results

Getting the right details and analyzing them to get valuable insights is one of the most important ways to take your business to the next level. SEO for small local businesses gathers important details about your website’s performance and gives you a good idea of ​​how to improve it.

This data is available in Google Analytics and also Google Search Console. These tools can help you crunch important information that can be used not only for Google and the Search platform strategies but also for social media because they give you important insights about social media. 

2. Continuous business growth

SEO efforts always focus on generating more traffic while improving search engine rankings. This leads to better sales and marketing. Better marketing attracts more interested customers, creating an independent cycle of business growth.

So if you’re looking to grow your small business, investing time and resources in SEO metrics is key to success for any SMB owner or marketer. Look at new keywords to optimize and categories where you can find relevance with search. A good consultant for SEO in the form of a managed SEO provider can help you understand this angle better because of their expertise. So leverage such aspects. 

3. Get long-lasting rankings

Unlike traditional marketing, where the impact of advertising only lasts a long time, SEO results are permanent. Although you should update all the details to improve your local SEO, URLs, etc. if you join the SERP, you will probably maintain this position for a long time if you are taking enough care with respect to optimization.

Although not always guaranteed, if you do your best, search engine rankings will be achieved in the long run. As a result, your traffic and user acquisition will be increasing steadily and so will the leads and transactions on your website. 

4. Reduce acquisition cost

The biggest advantage of SEO is that it is cheap compared to other marketing activities like paid marketing. It’s usually free if you can do it yourself. It’s a worthwhile investment in brand building with SEO and takes your SMB in a direction that is relevant, economical, and consumer-oriented. 

5. Staying competitive

Consider two companies selling the same product in a particular region. However, you can increase your SEO presence locally and online while relying solely on traditional marketing activities. Where do you think your customers will give you feedback in the age of digital connectivity?

Proper SEO efforts can give businesses a sustainable competitive advantage over other businesses in the industry and most importantly, give consumers a place where they can connect with the brand easily and also choose from several options. This is where a brand’s skills in the domain come into the picture and the brand understands what can be done to get better. 


For small-medium businesses to be successful, they must focus their efforts on specific and relevant marketing strategies. Investing in SEO is a proven way to give your small business insight and attract all interested customers. Here is hoping you have understood why as an SMB you should make a digital-first strategy around SEO. 

If you have any doubts or queries please share in the comments section below. 

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